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Corrective Action Plan Update: October 25, 2019

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Corrective Action Plan Update: September 13, 2019 

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Corrective Action Plan: July 31, 2019

One Sky Community Services has been granted Conditional Re-designation as the Area Agency for Region 8 pending completion of a plan to address 6 key areas of concern identified by BDS. This result and the areas of concerns were communicated to the One Sky Board of Directors, CEO and members of the Senior Leadership Team by the senior leadership of BDS and Division of Long Term Services on June 10.

The areas of concern shared are not a surprise to us; in fact, the Redesignation Report prepared by BDS is a re-affirmation that we as an organization are on the right track addressing concerns we had already identified. We now just need to finish the job. The areas of concern raised by BDS are as follows:

• Area Agency Financial Condition
• Compliance with DHHS Program Certification Requirements
• Compliance with Family Centered Early Supports and Services.
• Compliance with Medication Administration and Health Care Coordination
• Compliance with Employment Supports for Individuals
• Stakeholder Feedback

BDS asked us to develop a plan by August 1st on how to address these issues by November 27th of this year. We delivered that plan to them on July 31st and believe that we have already addressed nearly half of the required remediation actions identified in the report. We will be providing BDS with regular updates of our progress in September, October and November and expect to be re-designated as the area agency for Region 8 by or soon after November 27th.

For additional information or to answer any questions that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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