Board of Directors


One Sky’s Board of Directors is comprised of a mixture of individuals receiving services, natural caregivers, and community leaders throughout Region 8. This diverse group of individuals have experience in Finance, Fund Raising, Technology, Human Services, Legal Services and much more.


               Nancy Clayburgh                            President                           

               Erik Browning                                  Vice President                  

               Kyle Trinward                                   Treasurer                           

               Paul Mansfield                                 Secretary                           

               Walter Kuchtey                                Board Member               

               Alexandria Knox                               Board Member                

               Michelle Schaldenhauffen            Board Member                

               Heather Heigis                                 Board Member                

One Sky welcomes Individuals, Natural Caregivers and local Leaders to apply to join our Board of Directors. Prior experience as a Board Member is not required. Experience in Finance, Clinical Service Delivery, Fundraising, Human Resources, Technology Community & Legislative Advocacy, Disability Needs & Policy is preferred.

Board members are expected to attend ten meetings per year, participate in at least one subcommittee and to work diligently to improve the lives of the individuals and families we support. Interested parties should email Tina Holmes, Director of Human Resources & Administration, at with a cover letter and copy of a recent resume.