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Individuals 21 years and older have a wide variety of supports to choose from which includes:

  • Service Coordination - Service Coordinators help navigate the various waivers and funding sources the individual may be eligible to recieve. This person facilitates connections to supports to achieve the goals of the individual being supported.​​

  • Residential Services - Provides safe, community based housing options.

  • Day Services - Provides individuals with oppotunities for training, skill building, community intergration and other meaningful activities.

  • Vocational Support Services - helps establish the skills required to become employed, the assistance needed to be employed and individual support necessary to stay employed.

  • Personal Care Services - provides assistance and skill development with activities of daily living and community intergration. 

  • Community Support Services - assists individuals with community intergration through skill development, training, and community access. 

  • Specialty Services, Respite, Environmental ModificationsCrisis Services and Assistive Technology.


Participant Directed and Managed Services (PDMS)

For those who receive services through the New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS), have the option of using Participant Directed and Managed Services (PDMS), where the client and family/guardian identify their needs related to the developmental disability/acquired brain disorder, design the services and supports, selects who will provide the services and supports, and decide how the authorized funding will be spent.  This program is an option for those who wish to have more choices, control and responsibility for their BDS-funded services.


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