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Our mission is to assist people with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Disorders to live as valued and participating members in their communities.


Honoring the inherent value of each person, we are committed to:

  • Helping people make choices about where they live, work and spend time,

  • Using existing resources when possible to create and maintain                                                                        supports and services that are flexible and responsive to the                                                                  circumstances of each individual,

  • Assisting families in ways that they view as supportive,

  • Promoting community understanding, acceptance and support                                                                            people with disabilities,

  • Fostering inclusion of people in community affairs and relationships,

  • Working in cooperation with local citizens and professions,

  • Providing services without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, or political belief.


Services are provided with state and federal funds through our contract with the NH Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS).


Services We Offer


Age 3 to 16 Years Old


Age 16 to 21 Years Old



21 Years and Older


NH Chronicle: The Housing Crisis for the Developmentally Disabled

How One Sky Services is creating supportive homes for our most vulnerable

Sponsor a Life Changing Moment


It is our shared dedication to improving the lives of the people we support that is at the fundamental core of our organization. Our shared experiences focus our efforts to meet the needs that are not being met by health plans, dental insurance and state care networks. We need support from the community to fulfill our promise to provide care to the individuals we support and their families.

Since July of 2021 your support this year has paid for over $63,000 of

uncovered dental bills, heating assistance, winter coats and much,

much more. Donate to the Readiness Fund and be someone's everyday hero.                                                                                No amount is too small to improve someone's life.



755 Banfield Rd, Suite 3, Portsmouth, NH 03801  Tel: 603-436-6111

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