About The CEO

Dear friends of One Sky,

Tremendous progress has been made in how we as a society view those born with intellectual and developmental disabilities or has suffered a traumatic brain disorder; in fact one of the most significant changes is the focus on their abilities not disabilities.But we still have more that needs to be done. More challenges to overcome such as dealing with cutbacks in government funding, continuing efforts to open the eyes of communities and the business world to the intrinsic and unique value of those with developmental disabilities and what they bring to the table, ensuring that our services are maintained to provide continuity in their lives and most of all, make their dreams come true. For over 35 years One Sky’s dedicated staff has been making a difference, one individual at a time, providing the best quality care and services we can muster, always remaining steadfast in our promise to deliver all of this with compassion and empathy.

We need to continue to reach out and engage members of our community, to raise awareness to the value of each individual and what they bring to the table. We need to connect with more businesses to demonstrate how valuable these individuals are as employees and we need to work with our elected leaders and voters to show how important continued funding of our programs and services is.

As we move forward, we need to create more opportunities and partnerships to foster better inclusion and acceptance throughout the communities we serve; programs such as community dances, art shows, other cultural activities and meaningful employment.

The individuals we serve have proven to be reliable workers, capable of meeting or exceeding expectations and standards. At One Sky Community Services, we are focusing on their preparation for the workplace through our One Sky Futures Employment Initiative to give them the needed training, skills and personal development they need so they can go into a job with confidence. We are growing a business network to find jobs and on-the-job training internships that lets us open the door, giving them a leg up to bring them one step closer to independence.

Help us by inviting the individuals we serve to participate in events and programs in your community, by advocating on their behalf with our elected leaders, by offering them a job and treating them as valued and equal members in your community.

Donate to the One Sky Readiness Fund, which has grown into a very important vehicle to our organization in helping the individuals and families we serve with a financial resource when there are no other funding resources to help them. Community support allows us to continue our mission of providing encouragement and sustenance when things get tough for an individual and a family. Your donation to the Fund equates to more individuals and families receiving the critical support and services they need along their life’s journey during a critical moment in their life ………..…that’s what we do best.

This year’s marks our 35th Anniversary as an organization and One Sky’s plan for the future requires continued commitment to hard work and using all of our resources to be successful and to strengthen what has already been built. But we cannot do it without community support. We invite you to join us and give assistance to these unique and wonderful individuals who can enhance any situation with their determination, personality and desire to please.

Chris Muns