About One Sky

A Brief History
In 1981, the United States First Circuit Court ordered the state of New Hampshire to establish a system of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities, closing the doors of the Laconia State School forever. The state responded by pioneering a unique system of regional public-private agencies that contract with the State to serve individuals with developmental disabilities and their families within their area’s cities and towns.

New Hampshire became the first state in the nation without a state institution for people with mental retardation, intellectual disabilities, or other related disorders.

One Sky Community Services serves Region VIII; one of ten regions in New Hampshire’s nationally acclaimed support system for individuals with developmental disabilities. This system enables individuals who were once placed in an institution to live more independently and pursue satisfying lives in their local communities.

Area agencies contract with the NH Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) and are subject to state contract agreements and regulations. The agencies are funded primarily by state and federal Medicaid dollars, each one maintaining regional autonomy and local control. At the same time, area agencies share a common vision with the BDS and work closely with it to sustain the community-based system of services.

Mission Statement

We assist people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders, to live as valued and participating members in their communities.

Honoring the inherent value of each person, we are committed to:

  • Helping people make choices for themselves about where they live, work and spend time
  • Using existing resources when possible, but also creating and maintaining supports and services which are flexible and responsive to the circumstances of each individual
  • Assisting families in ways they view as supportive
  • Promoting community understanding, acceptance, and support of those we serve
  • Fostering inclusion in community affairs and relationships
  • Working in cooperation with local citizens and professionals to realize this mission
  • Providing services with regard to race, sex, religion, national origin or political belief