Lilly & Amanda

Lilly and her mother Amanda receive services from the Richie McFarland Children’s Center, one of the high quality vendors for Early Supports and Services that parents can choose through One Sky. Lilly was born with Down syndrome and a heart condition. “When she was three weeks old,” Amanda recalls, “two therapists from ‘Richie’ came to our house to help me prepare for Lilly’s upcoming heart surgery. I was a first-time mom; I’d really had no exposure to children; it was a little overwhelming! The therapists were my advice gurus! It was awesome; they guided us through what to expect in the weeks, months, even years ahead!” Today, Lilly brims with health and budding capabilities, which Amanda credits to weekly therapy visits she and Lilly receive at home. “I give our therapist credit for forty per cent of everything…she is wonderful; she’s there for me, she knows my story, she’s been a shoulder to cry on and a person to laugh with and say ‘It’s going to be okay’.” As Lilly heads toward her third birthday, she has joined peer play groups at the Richie McFarland Center in Stratham, as part of the transition plan crafted individually for each child leaving Early Supports and Services.

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