Services for Adults (21 +)

Adult Services

One Sky offers a variety of support, day and residential services for adults with developmental disabilities. Each service is individually tailored in conjunction with a person’s circumstances, needs and desires. For most services provided by One Sky and our partner agencies, we offer two approaches. Individuals and families may select One Sky or an affiliated agency to manage services, while continuing to exercise choice in many areas. Or, those who prefer to take charge of their own budgets may direct the course of services themselves.

Some adults find it helpful to have a variety of services organized by a Service Coordinator. Among the supports Service Coordinators provide are:

  • To work with the person (and family if involved) to evaluate individual needs;
  • To assist each individual to formulate a unique vision of one’s life and goals;
  • To coordinate service planning and develop a service plan agreement;
  • To monitor and document services provided;
  • To promote the individual’s quality of life through strong advocacy;
  • To assist in gaining access to community and financial resources

One Sky and its partners offer an array of community-based adult day services.  These activities focus on:

  • expanding community participation
  • building social relationships
  • strengthening vocational skills
  • exploring individual competencies

For individuals who cannot live with their families with the support of our Family Support services, One Sky and its partners strive to match them with community-based home providers in residential settings that are compatible with the person’s needs and desires.

Individuals with disabilities who receive services through the New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) have the option of using Participant Directed and Managed Services (PDMS). In the PDMS Program, the individual and his/her family or guardian identifies his/her needs related to the developmental disability or acquired brain disorder, designs the services and supports, selects who will provide the supports and services, and decides how authorized funding will be spent, so long as that is in accordance with the original intent of the funding (for example, Medicaid allowable expenses). The PDMS is an option for participants who wish to have more choice and control of and responsibility for their BDS-funded services.

Participant Directed and Managed Services provide participants the opportunity and responsibility to choose and manage supports and services that are meaningful to them. Working within funding guidelines, participants determine the cost of those supports and services and authorize the payment using their allocated Medicaid dollars.

Scope of Services that can be provided:
• Personal care, employment supports, adult education, vocational and leisure activities;

• Adaptations through environmental and vehicle modifications and assistive technology;

• Services that assist the individual to acquire and maintain life skills in such areas as personal safety, meal preparation, and budgeting;

• Services that, based on the individual’s preferences, broaden his or her life experiences through social, artistic, and spiritual expression;

• Respite and family support services that meet the needs of individuals living with their families.

Non-Covered Services: The following services are not fundable under PDMS include:

• Custodial care programs provided only to maintain the individual’s basic welfare;

• Sheltered workshops; and

• Services not related to supports required because of an individual’s developmental disability or acquired brain disorder.


In addition to day and residential programs available through our partners, One Sky now offers our own community services through One Sky Futures.  The menu for individuals ages 21 and over is as follows:

One Sky Futures Shared Living Residential Services:
‘Shared Living’ is a network of home providers that offers family-based living arrangements for adults with disabilities. A home provider is an independent contractor who receives a monthly stipend and offers companionship, guidance, personal care and supervision in a home-based setting.  Shared Living encourage individuals with special needs to expand their capabilities socially, vocationally and creatively.  The program grew from the belief that people are happiest when offered choices and opportunities that can lead to purposeful lives in their communities.

One Sky Futures Adult Day& Employment Services:
These services pave the way for School Transition students and other young adults to experience a smooth entry into adult services, often with no change in support staff. Goals for day services are based on individual needs. Activities are structured around the demands of daily schedules and designed to work most effectively with particular learning styles.  Through this program, we promote self-esteem and social participation, expansion of daily living skills, and an increase in opportunities to explore meaningful activities and vocational interests. The model most often offered is a one-on-one direct support collaboration.

One Sky Futures Community Support Services:
This independent living program is designed to support adults who live on their own, yet need some assistance to maintain a safe, healthy and productive life.

Tailored to meet a person’s specific circumstances, One Sky Futures Community Support provides service coordination that assists people to find housing or supportive roommates, maintain their homes, sustain good health, take advantage of services and become involved in the local community. A Community Networker helps people become involved in social, educational, and recreational activities. The program also offers:

  • Community Support Advisory Group: This group consists of people we serve who work with our staff to improve quality of services, hire new staff and plan educational workshops and social activities.
  • Community Support Theatre Group: This group attends an area theatre production and participants learn to be performers.

Eligibility for One Sky Futures Community Support is determined in team meetings, once a person is found eligible for area agency services. Eligibility is based on functional skills assessment scores, and the ability to spend weekends alone and self-administer medications. Service needs must not exceed between 6-20 hours of support per month.

For more information about One Sky Futures Community Services, or if you have an interest in becoming a home care provider, please contact the Director of One Sky Futures.

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Services for Adults Living at Home

Designed to improve quality of life for the individual and family and to maintain each family’s right to identify its needs and direct how supports are provided. As varied as the families we serve, services and supports include:

Service Coordination
Information and referral to individuals and families who would benefit from ongoing help and support. Our Family Services Adult Service Coordinator understands the special challenges of caring for loved ones in the home as they age.

Family Support Advisory Council
The Family Support Advisory Council (FSAC) consists of volunteer caregivers from the communities of Region VIII who have family members with a wide range of disabilities living at home. The council meets monthly to help to identify and prioritize local families’ support needs, and offer suggestions and financial assistance to families like their own. The Council also assists with:

  • Camperships: Financial assistance for structured summertime activities such as camps. Funding is limited and varies with availability.
  • YMCA Passes: Quarterly family passes to the Portsmouth YMCA are available at no charge.
  • Family Support Conference: The FSAC provides financial assistance to families interested in attending the annual N.H. Family Support Conference.
  • Disability Related Expenses: Funding available to assist families with expenses related to their loved one’s disability.
  • Family Events: Social events for fun and for family networking. These include a fall hayride and pumpkin picking, an evening of karaoke, group singing or dancing.
  • Respitality: A getaway for primary caregivers in the comfort of a host hotel. More than 4,300 New Hampshire parents have gained relief from daily demands through this program.

One Sky is fortunate to have guidance from the FSAC on its Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committees. The FSAC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at One Sky’s office at 6:30 p.m.

Environmental Modifications
Adaptations to the family’s homeor vehicle to ensure access, health and safety for the individual with a disability and the caregiver.

Parent to Parent Connections
Families connect for mutual support, information and understanding. One Sky seeks family matches locally or by accessing a statewide database. Once connected, families decide together how best to support each other.

Respite Care
Short-term relief for caregivers. Care may be provided in the home of the family or caregiver, or in the community. The number of respite hours varies depending on the level of complexity of the individual’s care. Financial assistance is on a sliding scale. We encourage families to recruit their own providers, but will assist them if necessary.

To learn more about respite care, please contact our Respite Coordinator.

For more information about the above items, please contact a Service Coordinator or consult the monthly Family Support newsletter.

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